Hey y'all!  Happy Leap Year!! This is so fun that we have one this year!  I mean they only come once every four years, so we have to make the best of it right?  I'm going to make the best of it by sharing some things that make me Leap for Joy this Leap Year!  
Hiiii everyone.  It's Wednesday.  AKA hump-day.  Actually it's Wednesday night so I think hump-day is over but I work almost 7 days a week so I'm not even sure if I get a hump-day.  Whatever, that is neither here nor there.  Definitely not the point of this post.  The point of this post is to show you something amazing that I found on Pinterest.  

I told you about Pinterest in my last post...I'm mildly obsessed with it...okay totally obsessed with it, but it's okay, I'm admitting I have a problem... that's the first step to recovery...although I have no intention of recovering because Pinterest allows me to find things like THIS.  Yes, I know...amazing, breathtaking, beautiful, simple organization.  

I was SO in love with the way these jars were labeled, I immediately went to Kristine's blog to find out how to do it.  She gives a brilliant tutorial and includes free printables!!!  I was so in love with the style, I basically followed it to a T (is it "to a T" or "to a Tea"?? what does that even mean??).  I didn't want to use her printables, though, because I wanted to use these labels on umm pretty much everything, so I made my own, following the simply beautiful theme of dictionary definitions.  (I also didn't want to use hers because they are from photoshop (which sadly I don't have) and the fonts are too and I would have an OCD coronary if 8 looked one way and the others looked different because the same fonts weren't available...I know, I may have more than one problem)
Well.  I will just be upfront with you and tell you that I have a secret.  I am a hoarder.  Maybe not as bad as those on tv, but I have this issue with letting things go.  It's a sentimental thing.  I always think that if I loved it enough to buy it then I should probably hang on to it.  It's also easy to be attached to things that were given to me or I inherited, as they don't seem like my things to sell or donate.  So basically what ended up happening was this: EXPLODING cabinets with no organization and one overwhelmed food blogger.  Can you imagine loving to cook but hating your kitchen...this was me.  Too much stuff that I didn't need, so I couldn't access the things I did.  The kitchen just seemed way.too.small.  And yes, one day I will want a big kitchen, but I'm stuck with a smaller one for now so I needed to make it work. 

Enter Juli, Matt's sister.  I've talked about her before here and here.  She is an organizational queen.  Seriously.  If you need someone to help you organize your stuff, look no further, she can do wonders.  We spent Saturday evening and night working on this project and she basically turned my kitchen from an overflowing mess, to a place where everything I need is easily accessible.  Amazing.  I was terrible at taking before/after pics but I do have some of each and can't wait to share them.  Please don't judge me for being a messy hoarder, or if you do, please keep it to yourself... thanks :)

Here are some Before/During photos: