Fee SIMPLE Friday: Lemon Artichoke Risotto

IMG_4717I know, you probably think I’m crazy posting a risotto under “fee simple.”  But thanks to the invention of the amazing pressure cooker, you can actually make a pretty spot on risotto with minimal effort.  It’s seriously unreal how easy it is and compared to making a real risotto, which I have painstakingly done several times, it’s consistency is pretty darn close!   Read more

Present Sense Impressions

This Sweet Corn, Zucchini and Fresh Mozzarella Pizza screams summer just like Jessica says. It’s all like “SUMMER!” and I can’t get enough.

Speaking of zucchini, I’m dying to tried fried zucchini blossoms.  I see them everywhere.  All over pinterest and my reader and I just need them.  These ones stuffed with basil ricotta just look superb.  One more thing I’ve never tried is garlic scape.  Another thing I see people using in my reader and I just need to go ahead and do it already.  This Marinated Feta with Garlic Scape Pesto is on point and, once again, perfect for summer.

While we are still on the topic of summer, I’d like to nominate this Panzanella Salad for winning my heart for salads this summer.  Then I can finish all of these things off with this ridiculous looking Espresso Ice Cream (be still my heart).  I can almost taste it just from that picture.

Unfortunately my timeline for making any of these things is rapidly expiring because summer is coming to a close!  How is that happening already?!  It’s already almost August!  Unbelievable!  I need to go make a drink to cope with this… maybe these Bourbon Slushies will do the trick.

This Week on “The Docket”

photo 2This week was a total whirlwind blur while at the same time moving a bit slowly. I know that doesn’t make any sense but I don’t know how else to describe it. As I mentioned last week, we are in the process of moving to Charlotte and I’m going back and forth for the next couple of weeks to work in Charlotte during the week and come back to Raleigh on weekends to pack/prepare for the move. It’s a bit exhausting and by the time I made it back on Friday night I was absolutely wiped.

My first week at work went well! I got to meet with some potential clients and get to know another one of the attorneys from the Charlotte office, as well as seeing the Charlotte office space, which is gorgeous and has a fabulous view! (see above)! In my downtime, which there was a bit of, I helped my mom with some errands (listing artwork for sale, going to the storage unit etc.). I cooked her dinner almost every night as a little thank you for letting me crash in her guest bedroom for three weeks. I made her carbonara, veal with roasted brussels sprouts, ham/bean/escarole soup, and baked cod with artichoke risotto (risotto recipe coming up Friday!)  I got cute texts from Muggsy (technically Matt) all week, such as:photo 1

Back in Raleigh, on Saturday, Matt and I went to Cooper’s, that I’ve told you about before.  Got the collards and cabbage this time and it was delicious!  On Sunday morning I went to brunch with my friend Stephanie at The Oxford in downtown Raleigh.  The picture on the right is my first plate, of two.  I highly recommend their brunch!

photo 3 photo 4


On Saturday I ran out to get take out for dinner and came back to this crime scene: photo

Muggsy had gone into the pantry, grabbed the box of cake flour, opened the bag all over the couch and was eating it upon my return.  Fabulous.

Anyway, it’s back to Charlotte in the morning for another week of work then back to Raleigh next weekend again!  I’ll be relieved when all this shuttling back and forth is over and I can really enjoy our new adventure in Charlotte!  So what were you guys up to last week?  Any good plans for this week?


Fee SIMPLE Friday: Baked Cod

IMG_4718This is a recipe that is pretty much a staple in my life.  I will sometimes vary the fish (usually based on what’s on sale) but cod is my favorite fish to use, and this technique makes it extra moist and delicious.  I made this dish recently because the Fresh Market was having a sale on cod and if you know me at all, you know I love a good sale.  Once I was set on cod, I went to my beloved Flavor Bible to figure out what I wanted to pair it with.  I settled on an artichoke, lemon and white wine risotto that I’ll share with you next Friday.  I typically make this fish to be served with rice and a vegetable.  Feel free to mix up what you serve it with, but roasted broccoli is always a good (and healthy!) choice! Read more

Present Sense Impressions

These Peach Margaritas make my heart sing.  I can never get sick of margaritas and I love new flavors.  I had the blood orange margaritas at Mellow Mushroom and I have to say, I’m into different flavored margs (but I’m not so big on the strawberry ones, not sure why…maybe because they don’t actually taste like strawberries).  Below is the blood orange spicy margarita from Mellow Mushroom… I highly recommend!


Read more

This Week on “The Docket”

65949_10100566432870835_3398780707233364223_nWow this week was crazy. It was my last week of work at my law firm, Matt’s tire blew out, and I had to pack up as much of our apartment as possible and drive to Charlotte to start my new job today. I wanted to do this post last night but I had the absolute worst headache ever and just couldn’t push through it. This week truthfully was quite a whirlwind and I’m looking forward to starting my new job and living in Charlotte near my parents. I’ll do a quick rundown of what this week was like….

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Fee SIMPLE Friday: Ham, Bean and Escarole Soup

Ham, Bean and Escarole SoupYou know sometimes you just want a really good wholesome soup.  The problem with soup is it can sometimes be super labor intensive and take forever to develop flavors.  This recipe gives you that depth of flavor with really very little effort.  I cannot stress enough how much making a mis-en-place for this meal will make your life infinitely easier. I categorized this as a Fee SIMPLE Friday recipe because as long as you take the minimal time and effort to create a mis-en-place, this recipe will be easy as anything! Also, you have a lot of sitting around time while the soup cooks and for the flavor I think this is quite an easy dish.  I invited my friend Stephanie over to try it after I made it and the first thing she said was “it smells so good in here!”  The soup was a hit but I’ll give you her warning that it has a little bit of a bite (which Matt and I love) so be prepared for that!  If you want it to be less spicy, simply use less red pepper flakes. Read more

Present Sense Impressions

Hey  y’all!  This week’s Present Sense Impressions will be rather short, as I’ve been crazy busy finishing up my last week of work with this firm and so I haven’t had TONS of time to peruse the internet.  I’m sad to leave my current place, but I’m very excited about what the future holds!  I’m so looking forward to my new place and starting a new job.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be bringing all of my fun work accoutrements with me.IMG_0350

On to things that I’m loving lately!!

I was super excited for Jessica, who announced her BIG surprise that she’s expecting!  Then she posted these amazing Salted Bourbon Vanilla Granola with Caramelized Fig Parfaits and this Homemade Vanilla Bean Coffee Syrup (also included a cinnamon brown sugar coffee syrup!) and my brain exploded.  I want to dive into that immediately and just have like 6 cups of coffee just so I can add syrup to it.  I love all things coffee, as I’ve mentioned before, so that was right up my alley!

I was also swooning over al the amazing vegetable recipes people posted recently… specifically:

Ratatouille Pizza from Nutmeg Nanny– gorgeous and looks absolutely fantastic.  I want to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

Zucchini Pasta from Eat the Love. I have never made zucchini pasta but have always wanted to try it.  This seems like a great place to start because it doesn’t require anything fancy like a spiralizer (although I did register for one of those lol).  These flavors just can’t get any more fresh.  Love!

Heirloom Caprese with Mint Pesto from Love and Lemons.  I can’t ever get sick of caprese and I always love seeing a new twist on it.  This is to die for!  More freshness.  Can’t get enough.


This Week on “The Docket”

IMG_4756Woo-eee! This week has been super packed and busy, as I’m wrapping up my last couple weeks here in Raleigh. I’m starting my new job on the 21st and so last week I was busy getting all of my cases ready for transfer to another associate (lots of lawyerly things I won’t bore you with)… but this last week was chock full of hanging out with friends and eating out in Raleigh before I have to say goodbye. Here are some highlights from this week! Read more